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Personal Chef


What's going on?  I'm Darilyn!

I am a personal chef and food lover that teach millennials how to make better food choices and remove the junk without sacrificing taste or their money so that they can led a healthier lifestyle.

For me, it wasn't until my first apartment in college that I really started taking an interest in food and cooking.   I started off by experimenting with things I would usually already buy premade from scratch, exploring different cooking techniques, and learning more about fruits and vegetables.  My journey with food was just taking off. 

As my new journey with food was taking off, my journey to become an industrial engineer was still going strong.  I graduated from college and landed a job as an engineer but for me, after a few years something was still missing, so I decided to take a risk and become a personal chef.  I LOVE cooking for others, which led me to shift my focus on not just cooking with fresh ingredients but understanding how food can enhance our lives for the better.  

Now, I want to help you live your best life by teaching you about food and the basics of cooking to ultimately help you cook in love AND in health (or just to simply make better food choices).  

I am still on this food journey because it will always be evolving just like us, let's grow in this journey together.