The Best Ways To Serve Your Guests At Your Dinner Party

2 Ways to Serve at your next dinner party
2 Ways to Serve at your next dinner party

Let's talk serving styles for you next dinner party.

You probably have decided on the menu but have no idea how you are going to serve it to your guests. You definitely want your guests to have a great dining experience at your party. Trying to determine how you are going to serve your guests should not be a headache. a Here are 2 ways I suggest you serve your menu at your party: 

  • Family Style 
  • Buffet Style 

These styles are quite similar but yet very different, I will explain below. 


I really like serving family style because it allows you and your guests to interact over food in kind of an intimate setting.  All you need are your favorite serving dishes that are filled with your favorite recipes that are placed along the center of your table with a beautiful tablescape. By placing the food in the center of the table gives your guests the opportunity to interact with each other as the food is passed around, hence the name family style. This is the perfect time to bring out your one-dish recipes that you love you so much, they can straight from the oven to the table.  Serving family style allows you to control the number of guests you have - it works for as many people as your table(s) holds.

*Note - if your table is really long you may have to double up on some the dishes.  


This style is really great if you are trying to serve a large number of guests. You just lay out the dishes for your guest and they serve themselves at their leisure.  You will need some chafing dishes to keep the food warm because unlike family style where everyone is served at once.  Just make sure you make enough food to refill up the chafing dishes. 

Remember this you don't want to be busting a sweat to show your guests a good time. Choosing one of these options will help you stay cool.  How will you be serving your guests at your dinner party?  Let me know below.