4 Reasons Meal Prep Will Improve Your Life

4 Reasons Meal Prep Will Improve Your Life Blog Cover.png


Most of us struggle with finding a balance between our busy everyday life and eating healthy.  It can be very stressful trying to plan out your meals.  You have to spend time planning your meals, shopping at the grocery store, standing in line, getting stuck in traffic, and finally deciding it is quicker if you just stop for fast food because grocery shopping has you wore out.  This is causing you to waste time standing in line at the store, money on food that you are not even cooking, and not to mention your stress level rising.

Planning out your meals will ensure that you are feeding your body the best possible food without stressing out. Let’s face it when you don’t plan, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Yes, it takes time but it’s worth investment knowing what you are fueling your body with.  Meal prep which is short for meal preparation is the process of planning and preparing meals. This includes your meals and snacks for the upcoming weeks.  Prepping your meals helps you stay on track with your health goals, money goals, and saves you time in the kitchen.  

Plan ahead to stay ahead

Reason #1 - You will save money

If you plan ahead, those coins will stay in your pocket. Healthy eating does not have to have to be expensive, you just have to plan in advance.  Keep a stocked pantry to help you plan out your meals and know exactly what you need to get at the store.  Meal prep will help you eliminate those last-minute runs to the grocery store and those “I have nothing in the fridge” nights.

Reason #2 - You will gain time back into your life

While you do have to put down an initial investment of time to get your meal prep going, but in the long run you will gain some time back into your life. Just knowing that you have food already prepared at home is a victory in itself and a time saver.  You won’t be wasting time trying to figure out what you have in the cabinets to cook, no stopping at the grocery store, and no daily cooking in the kitchen.  

Reason #3 - You will learn portion control

Meal prep will teach you balance.  Preparing your meals (and snacks) ahead of time in containers will help you cut down those trips to the vending machines or unnecessary stops to the grocery store.  You will be able to control just how much food that you are consuming, which is vital if you want to lose weight.

Reason #4 - You will be able to WOOSAH

After a long day at work, just thinking about trying to plan and cook dinner can be stressful. When your meals are planned ahead of time, you eliminate “what’s for dinner?”, the last-minute store runs (ain’t nobody got time for rush hour traffic), and those “F-it, I am ordering moments.” Your meals will only need to be heated up or cooked in less than 30 mins because you planned ahead. WOOSAH!

Reason # 5 - You are investing in your health

Plan ahead to stay ahead. You no longer will trying to figure out what you will have for dinner the day of will surely have you in someone’s line for take out, which can lead to choose some unhealthy foods options. You will know what you are putting into your body by having your meals prepared and waiting for you at home. Good nutrient is an important key in an healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth.

Meal prep is perfect if you:

  • You need to gain some time back in your life 
  • You would like to have a more healthier lifestyle when it comes to food
  • Spending way too much money eating out 
  • Eliminate scrambling for something to eat

There really is no right or wrong way to create your own meal prep routine because everyone’s health goals are different, but meal prep can help you achieve your health goals. Ready to start meal prepping?

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