4 Reasons You Need To Know Your REAL Food Source


The MIDDLEMAN is that guy who gets you the goods you need directly from the source. He does all of the work and you just shell out the cash for the goods.  You are definitely paying the middleman more money versus if you just went directly to the source yourself. 

When I speaking of the middleman, I  simply means the grocery store, food manufactures, or anything that puts you further away from the REAL food source.  Think about it, the grocery store does all of the work for you - you just go in find what you need and then buy it.  The part that is left out is the SOURCE- where the heck did this come from?  You just can't go up to the farmer to see how the food was grown or to the manufacturer to see how your favorite sauce was made. 

It just doesn't work like.  

Currently we live in a time where processed foods rule - it's convenient and cheap. Processed foods = foods that has all the nutrients sucked out and toxins pumped back into the food in order to increase the shelf life.  Fresh foods typically don't last that long but they carry all of the nutrients are bodies need.  When you cut of the middleman, it gets you closer to the source from where your food comes from - which is more beneficial to your overall health.  You gain wonderful benefits once you cut out the middleman, like the ones below: 

It's better for your body

If you put fresh food vs processed food in a boxing ring, fresh food would be the champ every time (kind of like Floyd "Money" Mayweather).  The benefits that fresh food provides to your body just cannot compare to processed foods. Processed foods are just that processed, to the point where the food contains more toxic chemicals than nutrients for your body.  When you incorporate fresher foods into your lifestyle (we will not use the word diet here), your body reaps all the benefits.

You know what is going into your food

Let's face it processed foods are NOT the biz, but in a time where fast and convenience are KEY it makes it easy for you.  Basically you are in the land of the unknown:

  • No idea what went into making it
  • You don't know how to read any of the ingredients
  • You have no idea what it's REALLY doing to your body.

Saves you money

Society leads us to believe that if you want a healthier lifestyle when it comes to food it has to be expensive, but that is DEF not true.  We will spend more money on doctor bills and medicine from eating all that unhealthy and processed foods surely down the line. There are ways to enjoy healthier food choices without breaking the bank.

You are supporting your local farmers and small business owners

When you decide to cut out the middle man, you are supporting your local community.  Also, it gives you an opportunity to connect with the people in your community. 

It does take more TIME and EFFORT when you cut out the middleman, but would you rather gain an overall better health or a huge doctor's bill? Don't worry, I have created a 10-page guide that will help begin the path to getting back to REAL food and to start the process of eliminating processed foods.  

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What are you struggling with when it comes to making healthier food choices?  Let me know below.