4 Tips On How To Save Your Coins When Grocery Shopping


Grocery shopping can be a PAIN - overcrowded parking lot, too many people, impulse buying, no cashiers, long lines - you get the point.  If grocery shopping was euphoric experience everyone would be smiling in the stores, but that is definitely not the case. I believe saving money can always help ease those grocery shopping pains so here are 4 quick easy tips that I am going to share with you to keep money in your pockets. 


The more fresh foods you purchase vs processed foods believe it or not saves money. If you think about.... when you purchased processed foods it is really like a one-time only think - just as if you were to go get fast food.  You make the meal and BAM.... it's gone and it is time for you to head back to the grocery store to spend more money.  Buying fresh allows you to create and recreate meals - and you can stretch the meals if you need to. You have more flexibility and variety in cooking when buying fresh....so in the long term you are saving money. 


Often times buying in bulk is a much cheaper option than buying individually. Let's be clear, when I say bulk - I don't mean Costco or Sam's Club. You want to be able to control what you buy in bulk not just be stuck with a 5 lb. bag of pine nuts or something you don't use very often.  When you control how much you get, you control how much money you save.  Grocery stores are slowly adding a bulk sections to their stores - which you should definitely swing buy when grocery shopping. 


Good ol' couponing.  You can either get the clipping some coupons or you can get to tapping the savings on your phone, I do both sometimes.  Paper and e-coupons are a great way to rack up some extra savings in the store.  It does helps to have your grocery list handy to help you in your search for savings.  There are great sites like Coupon Mom and The Krazy Coupon Lady that aids in your search for savings.  These sites gives you what paper coupons to use, provides you sites to print coupons, and apps you can use for savings. One of my stores to get savings is Kroger's, they have a mobile and I can use paper coupons when I shop to help save money. 


A major key to saving when going to the grocery store is to get your in order.  When you have a full complete pantry  it allows you to cook the best meals without too much thinking.  It also helps eliminate your last minute runs to the store (which I know you can dread on a busy day).  When you have your pantry staples already available you are not constantly buying it from the stores. Having those pantry staples doesn't add to your grocery list or add extra cost because you already have it on hand.  Check out these pantry essentials you should have in your kitchen to help you save when grocery shopping.  

Try using these tips on your next grocery shopping trip.  Let me know how your shopping experience was by commenting below.