5 Unique Ways to Serve at Your Dinner Party
5 Unique Ways to Serve at Your Dinner Party

Summertime brings out the party goer in everybody - who doesn't want to party in the nice summer weather. We have talked about how to plan your dinner party menu, buffet style  vs family style, execution of menu, and now we are on to presentation.  Now that we have this amazing spread, let's add some food labels to it.  Foods labels add style to your food presentation as well giving your guest information about the food.  Nowadays food allergies are becoming more and more common, so providing that added information will keep everyone reaction free (smile).  I am going to give you 5 unique ways that can add style to your party spread. 


Anything chalkboard is just really cool, you can customize it to your liking.  The type of items you can use are endless, here are some items that you can use: 

  • Mini chalkboards
  • Stones
  • Clothes pins
  • Platters       

Each of those items are very low cost and can be found at your local dollar store, craft store or my fave store -  Target.   You can either buy mini chalkboards or do-it-yourself.  With the last three items just buy you some chalkboard paint and a brush.  Just paint the stones, clothes pins,or platters to your liking then all you need to do is add your words.  

Gift Tags

Gift tags are another low cost way to add some style to you food presentation.  These are another quick pick up from your local dollar store or craft store.  You can embellishments of your choice that go in line with your party theme, decorative scissors to add a stylish edge to the gift tags, or even stencils.  The ideas are endless of how you can upgrade a gift tag for your dinner party. 

Kraft Paper

This one is really quick, easy, and budget friendly.  You just need a some kraft paper the length of your table and a marker.  Just place your dishes how you like on the paper then just write.  Simple.  You can also write instructions on the paper if you have decided to do a food bar for your party. 


That is right...Food.  I recommend anything that is hard, has a rind or hard to peel skin to use for food labels.  Such foods as:

  • Oranges
  • Lemons 
  • Limes
  • Avocados (Not ripe)
  • Coconuts
  • Baby potatoes - Can be used for a crab boil 

This is also one that is really quick and easy to do.


Now if you have corks lying around like I do, you can use them as your food labels.  You can add a slit to the top of the cork lengthwise to add your label or you can just simple add a food flag to the cork. 

Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.  What things are you going to use to label your food this summer?  Let me know below in the comment section.