Top Winter Produce You Should Be Buying This Winter

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Y’all know I am down for seasonal eating, so I had to hit yall Eating in-season provides the opportunity for you to experience new foods at the peak of their flavor. The winter time provides you with some unexpected sweetness.   


Winter offers you a whole new ball game of green when it comes to salad greens.  Not just your typical Romaine or Iceberg lettuce that you are use to seeing in the stores.  You can choose from salad greens such as:

  • Radicchio - a close relative to lettuce and dandelion.  That combination makes it a bitter salad green.  It looks like a red small head of cabbage or romaine lettuce.

  • Escarole - resembles loose-leaf lettuce but it is not similar in taste.  Escarole is bitter-tasting salad green.

Leafy greens are in full effect during the winter, you can find these greens in the grocery store during the winter months:

  • Kale -  is a hearty green resembling collard that can have flat or curly leaves. Kale is a member of the cabbage family.   Normally, the color in the grocery store is green but kale can be red, purple, or blue with a deep green color variety in the supermarkets but kale comes in a range of colors.  

  • Collard greens - Collard greens are known as a Southern staple and is part of the cabbage family that have large blue-green leaves that are more tender and sweeter than kale.

  • Swiss chard - Swiss chard is a green that is a relative of the beet that is grown for the greens and not the root (which is the beet).  This leafy green has fan-shaped leaves with a thick stalk.  These stalks can come in a rainbow of colors such as white, yellow, orange, pink.  The texture of the leafy greens is similar to spinach but a little bit coarser texture than spinach.  The flavor of swiss chard is slightly earthy, spinach as a milder flavor.


These are those winter vegetables that are grown under the ground.   

  • Turnips - related to the cabbage family.

  • Rutabaga - related to the cabbage family.  They are larger than turnips but not as pungent. Sweeter than a turnip.  Coated with a wax to keep fresh.

  • Sweet Potatoes - not related to the potato or the yam.  

  • Leeks - looks like a giant scallion.

  • Beets - highest sugar content of all vegetables.  Considered an aphrodisiac.

Winter squash

If you want to bring sweetness to winter, you better get you some winter squash.  Winter squash is much sweeter than squash that you will find in the summertime.  The cold weather turns up the notch on sweetness in the winter.

You can have many varieties to choose from such as:

  • Butternut - think sweet potato with a nice buttery taste

  • Buttercup - dark green with a round shape

  • Spaghetti - great substitute for noodles

  • Golden - resembles a miniature pumpkin

  • Acorn - shaped like an acorn


When you think of winter, you don’t necessarily think of citrus.  That’s more of a summer thing, huh?  Completely wrong.  Citrus is in full affect during the winter.   

You will find these citrus fruits in season during the winter:  

  • Tangerines

  • Grapefruit

  • Clementines

  • Tangelos

  • Navel oranges

Along with citrus you will find:

  • Apples
  • Persimmons
  • Pomengrantes
  • Pears

We’ll talk about your pantry should have this winter in next blog.