6 Simple Ways To Enjoy REAL Food On Your Tight Budget


Eating healthy food doesn't have to blow up your budget.  Before you dive into this post speak these aloud. Repeat one more time.  

Let those words sink in. 

I hear it all the time, people equating eating healthy with spending a lot of cash.  That simply is not true and definitely a MYTH. It does not take lot of cash to start eating healthy; it just requires you to do things a little different.

My journey to making healthier food choices has been one of progression nothing over night.  I have realized that cooking more with fresh foods versus cooking with processed foods is actually cheaper.  Don't be fooled into thinking that because you want to make healthier food choices you are breaking the bank.  There are ways that you can have a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food without doing so.  Here are some ways to keep money in your pocket:

Get your butt to a farmer's market once in a while

The produce from your local farmers and gardeners will be the freshest compared to what you would get at any grocery store.  Also much cheaper, for locally grown and sourced foods versus what you would be paying for it at the grocery store.

Start to eliminate processed foods

Processed foods may cost you little to nothing to buy them at the stores, but it can cost you big bucks in the end by the way of a doctor's bill.  If your ingredients lists looks like a foreign language, there is no telling what is being consumed by your body.  Usually processed foods are full of sodium as well.  Besides don't you want to KNOW what is going into your food and your body?!

Eat your produce in-season

Stop buying strawberries in the dead of winter if you live in a region where you have to brush snow off your car in the morning.  Like really?! Who wants to pay 6 bucks for a carton of strawberries, not me?  When you eat in-season you save money but you open yourself up to discovering new foods. 

Grow your own food

This is something that I started this season.  I can truly tell you that it is work but the reward is greater.  Nothing feels better than going on my balcony to pick some basil or sweet banana peppers.  Growing herbs is something simple that can add a burst of flavor to any dish.

Plan ahead

Make a shopping list before you hit your local grocery store; it's those impulse buys that kill your pockets.  Stick to your list.  Deviating from your list will surely cause you to spend money that you did not expect to.  Also plan out your meals, this will help you out with #2.  Trying to figure out what you will have for dinner the day of will sure have you in someone's fast food line.  That food will only last for the time being versus cooking meal that may hold you for a couple of days and its fresh

Make it yourself

Of course this requires time, but I can guarantee the flavor is sooooo much better if you do it yourself.  When I first started my journey, I started with spaghetti sauce.

Eating healthy doesn't have to break the bank.  It's just all a matter of you switching up a few things to enjoy healthier and fresher foods.  I would love to hear about what you are struggling with when it comes to making healthier choices, let me know below.

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