6 Kitchen Tools You Should Be Using This Winter

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Warm & cozy that is how I like my food in the winter time.  All I can think about is soups, stews, casseroles, and those hearty meals that they keep us warm and full longer in this cold weather. And y'all know that I am all about convenience in the kitchen, so kitchen tools are needed.


There are a few key kitchen tools that I like to use during the winter time. Here are the six tools that I think that you need to get in your kitchen this winter.

Hand blender

The hand blender when I tell you is a winner, It's a winner.  This kitchen tool is great for blending things right in the pot without have any without having to dirty up your blender.  No-mess situation. Great for making soups without having to dirty up your blender

Dutch oven

I actually got my first Dutch oven last year and it has easily become my go-to kitchen favorite. What I love about it the most is that it can go from the stove top to the oven and then you can set that right on the dinner table as well. Though it takes it a while to heat up full, this heavy duty pot is great for maintaining heat when cooking your meals once it reaches your ideal temperature.  This makes it for braising, soups and stews

Cast iron skillet

There is nothing to say about the cast iron skillet other than it's the bomb. I love this skillet. This can also go from the stove top to the oven as well. Just as the dutch pan you can take it right to the table and use as a serving dish. Cast iron skillets are great for frying and even making bread or desserts.  

Sheet pans

I'm going to run these into the ground. These are perfect for cooking one meal all at once, multiple meals or roasting up some yummy veggies. I also love the fact that if you put foil or parchment paper down it is really an easy clean up when using a sheet pan. These are my favorite to roast up those winter veggies like squash and potatoes.

Large stock pot

The stockpot is great for soups, stews and stocks that you make during the winter. It can also can be used to make a big batch of grits and some greens. TIP: Make  your own stock by keeping all of your food scraps when your meal prepping and place them into a plastic bag once that bag is full let it boil and you'll have your some stock that you can store in the fridge that will keep for a week or two or you can even just freeze it.

Meat Thermometer

Winter is the ideal for braising and smoking your meats.  The meat thermometer ensures that your meats is cooked to the ideal temperature. If you are newbie in the kitchen, this is a must-have.  Nobody wants undercooked meat. Having a meat thermometer in the kitchen takes the guesswork out of what the actual temperature is. Oh and if you are a coffee and tea lover like myself it's also ideal if you make your own coffee and tea at home to actually have the temperature the order at the correct temperature it helps with that as well.

These 6 kitchen tools will help make cooking your favorite winter meals a little bit easier.  




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