3 Quick + Easy Ways To Cook Meals For Meal Prep

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I am all about trying to cut corners when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. I love to cook for others but that doesn’t mean I have to be in the kitchen for hours and hours to make a bangin’ and flavorful meal. Especially with meal prepping, you will be cooking several meals at a time. Let’s be honest, when you already have a full schedule spending the day in the kitchen isn’t ideal.  One way to quick and easy meals is to utilize kitchen tools. I like to pick kitchen tools that are multi-functional, easy to use, and makes life easier.

Here are  3 tools that have become apart of my kitchen essentials - holy grail tools that make my life easier in the kitchen.  

Sheet pan

Let me tell you, I LOVE sheet pans. Sheet pans allows you to cook multiple things at once.  Sheet pans help with a no mess or low mess cooking.  Meals that you normally cook on the stove top can be turned into a sheet pan meal.  Sheet  pan meals allow you to do other things in the kitchen during your meal prep.  It’s  always good to have more than one pan because you can cook multiple meals on each pan.  Sheet pans really makes your life easier.  Everything is cooking at the same damn time.


The crockpot has been around for forever and it still has not steered us wrong. I love the crock pot because you are able to get your meal started before you leave the house for the day and it will be waiting for you when you get home. The Crock-Pot is perfect for making shredded meats, stews, and soups. The low and slow cooking process allows will have your meat tender and juicy

Instant Pot

The good old instapot or as I like to call it the pressure cooker. This multifunctional use baby is what’s poppin’  in the kitchen.  The instant pot can go from a rice cooker,  pressure cooker, slow cooker and even a sauté pan. The instant pot is really useful if you forget to meal prep or didn't have time to meal prep this tool allows you to make a meal very quickly.   A quick way to prepare meats, soups, and stews quickly.

If love beans this tools is perfect, it allows you to cook beans without having to pre-soak ahead of time.  

With each of these kitchen tools you can pre-packaged the ingredients for each of these meals.   TIP: Make freezer bags with the ingredients already prepped. All you have to do is put on your sheet pan, or in crockpot or instant. Prep and cut up all your ingredients and place them into a freezer bag. Once you're ready to cook your meals all you have to do is place your ingredients on the sheet pan or in the crockpot/instant pot.

Bingo. Faneto. You're done.








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